Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fashion Blog Review:

Ravishing red head with porcelain-like skin JaneAldridge, describes herself as an avid vintage collector, photo taker, fashionista and food lover and says that she also really, really loves smooth jazz. Not so hard to believe is that at only 21, Jane has been dazzling the Internet with her impeccable style and covetable shoe collections for seven years already. Since the blog was founded in 2007, this fashion-savvy Sea of Shoes creator has been juggling her bright career in between balancing brand collaborations, shopping, and of course- sharing those pretty pictures of beautiful clothing and particularly amazing vintage collections. Speaking of vintage, Jane’s style could perhaps be best described as encapsulating 70’s vintage in a simplistically feminist fashion, as she herself has noted her own style-evolution towards the more laid back and no-frills approach.

Jade went on from once being a teenager in a Dallas suburb who caught the eye of New York Fashion Editor, to capturing the attention of Karl Lagerfeld and Kanye West- all thanks to Sea of Shoes. Now, she is one of the top style bloggers in the USA. Get in personal touch with Jane through Twitter @sea_of_shoes, where you’ll be joining the rest of 99.2K of her followers. Of course, she’s also notably active on Instagram @seaofshoes, and has her very own official Facebook page for Sea of Shoes. 
Jane likes to keep her readers inspired by telling many different kinds of stories, spanning her visits to new places and trying different looks. Also, readers seem to enjoy a certain sense of familiarity with her surroundings and style, and is thereby reminded of the importance of staying true to their own fashion roots.

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