Sunday, June 7, 2015

A blog we love:

Created in July 2008, Teetharejade is a fabulous fashion blog that’s written by twin sisters/fashion czars Desi & Nisi. This blog is about fashion, beauty & lifestyle, but it’s also about way more than that. From sharing their travels and adventures, star-strutted events and personal outfits, to beauty wishes and style recommendations as well as their most recent purchases - these gals are consistently armed with all the right fashion advice. Apart from being refreshingly fun and fashion conscious, 24 year old Nisi studies Computer Science and could also be described as a “beauty product-raver-TV show junkie”. Desi, on the other hand, is also 24 and has similarly earned her B.A. in International Business Administration. Having spent half a year in Lisbon, Desi is also an avid food lover. In the light of these interesting backgrounds, this twin duo’s style could be described as undeniably and intelligibly resembling the real face of femininity in 2015.

Some of the more prominent labels that Teetharejade are promoting includes the likes of Adidas, Yves Saint Laurent and Forever 21.  As far as popularity is concerned, the statistics seem to be less than shocking. With over 10285 followers on Twitter, 5100 likes on Facebook, a staggering 1,7K followers on Google Plus – it’s no small wonder that these gals are taking over the social media fashion scene. Additionally, you can find Desi & Nesi on instagram: @nitronisi and @desifare. Furthermore, you can check them out on either LookBook or feedburner, as they are very active on these too. Connect via any of these social media platforms to get in touch with the awesome authors of Teetharejade, seamlessly. Beyond their incredible insights on everything from fashion to travel to interior decorating spanning across several countries, Teetharejade is a blog that’s more than noteworthy for its versatility and simultaneous simplicity.

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