Wednesday, June 17, 2015

5 Bikini trends for this summer

What's the top Bikini trends for this summer? According to the best sources in fashion, it inevitably involves detailing on the derriere. Whether you're built like Kim Kardashian or just wanting to look that way, tactical ruching and subtle stitch detailing can add that extra oomph to what you already have and create an illusion of what you don't have, says the number one Bootylicious Bottom Line Bikini trend! The next one to look out and break out your passport for, is the World Safari bikini trend. Yes, the tribe has definitely spoken with an array of top designers having already featured all kinds of hot ethnic looks to the likes of Native American, Aboriginal Australian, Moroccan and especially African infusions. Otherwise put, the World Safari bikini trend holds exotic sex appeal for all citizens of the world, plus that added fun sense of adventure.

Now if you literally want to outshine all the rest of the bikini trends for this summer, then Sparkle might be the trend to follow. This season, why not give them the old razzle dazzle by adding a little bling- bling in the form of beads, studs, rhinestones, sequins, and any other kinds of enhancement that adds splash to a swimsuit. Whether you're a Jersey Shore fan or a Las Vegas showgirl, you can be sure that there's a sparkly, show stopping bikini trend for you this summer. Next on the list is the unmistakable Gold Standard bikini trend, with glamorous metallic-like, glossy high-tech fabrics, that makes for a luxurious trend worth mining all through this summer. This season's most gorgeous bikinis are dripping in gold, bronze and copper, giving every beachgoer the Midas touch. Finally, bikini trends are held together this season with prominent metal buckles, buttons and rings that add a luxurious, jewellery-like accent to sleek designs. Why not trade your software with hardware this summer, ey?

Monday, June 15, 2015

Fashion Blog Review:

It is well-known that New York is the place where dreams are made to come true, and that’s definitely the case for Louboutins & Love creator Esther Santer. Louboutins & Love is Esther’s personal style blog which captures her fashion focused life in New York City. With a the focus on outfit posts and all the latest trends, Louboutins & Love could be described as bringing the ordinary girl into the real life of a New York City fashionista. Louboutins & Love was created as a result out of inspiration from the night Esther crashed the Anna Sui fashion show- this past February during New York Fashion Week. The night inspired her decision to create a platform for herself upon which to showcase her personal style, and eventually get to where she is now. However, her official introduction to the NYC fashion life occurred only a few weeks after she had relocated to New York from Paris.

Esther soon realized that New York City is indeed the perfect place for her to pursue her career and to get more involved with the fashion industry.  She now has an incredible job as fashionista and when she’s not working, she attends fabulous fashion events and collaborates with the most amazing people to create content for Louboutins & Love. 

Esther is fond of promoting an array of top designers and brands from the likes of Philip Lim, Alexander McQueen, Celine, Love Leather, Chloe and Tibi, to Saint Laurent, Acne Studios, Christian Louboutin, Elie Saab and Helmut Lang. As for its social media activities, Esther loves to be followed on Instagram. She’s also very active on Twitter, Google Plus, and Pininterest. Althought the main focus of Louboutins & Love is to share Esther’s fashion inspirations and killer outfit ideas, what makes it even more enticing, is that she loves sharing her New York City experiences in a most amusing manner.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Our Top 5 Denim Labels


In the first place this year is AcneStudios, well known for being tantamount with clean, minimal design. This uber-cool Swedish denim label’s lasting appeal branches from its unpretentious, no-fuss methods that has come to define the label, and has similarly concreted itself a loyal platoon of fans. Ticking all the archetypal Acne Studios boxes, the signature Town Jean for one is simplistically minimal, versatile and unmistakably fashionable. 


In the second place in our list of Top 5 denim labels and hot on the heels of Acne Studios, must undeniably be BLK DNM, which has already gained gold status among indie-inspired denim fans. BLK DNM is the brainchild of none other than Johan Lindeberg, Swedish born designer and previously CEO of Diesel US, not to mention personal stylist of Justin Timberlake. Immersed in classic rock ‘n’ roll references, the label takes styling cues from downtown Manhattan New York, as well as the denim’s long-standing music associations.


Our number 3 spot amongst the Top 5 denim labels is given to Diesel: a brand which truly deserves to be on this list simply because it continues to completely revolutionize the fashion world. Diesel for one, has redefined jeans known as the ‘straight cut’, providing some of the very best men’s jeans. Offering flawless quality of the fabric, with a range of superior designs and colours, Diesel is currently a leading brand worldwide thanks to their amazing collections. Notwithstanding Diesel, what would this Top 5 denim labels list be without Levi’s? 


The number 4 spot is given to Levi’s as a classic and timeless favourite brand, long known for men’s and women’s jeans worldwide. Levi’s produces fashionable, comfortable jeans with quality satisfaction, and are also reasonably priced. 



Lastly on our Top 5 list is another denim label to strongly consider, the Netherlands designed G-Star. Offering an excellent range of jeans in several designs, G-star denims are indeed made for denim connoisseurs by denim connoisseurs!

Friday, June 12, 2015

A Blog We Love: MrandMrsMonnet is all about the life of a young couple impassioned by fashion, luxury and their global travels. The fabulous idea for a fashion was born in 2013 when Mr. Monnet and Mrs Monnet decided to share their combined travel experiences, lifestyle and passions with the rest of world. This after two years of working as a financial consultant for the government and her, finishing her International MBA in Beijing. 

Mr and Mrs Monnet’s style can be described as very contemporary and stylish, encapsulating the very essence of fashion in terms of a paradise beach feel. Sexy, arty, and unmistakably modern – Mr. and Monnet’s sense of style is more than noteworthy.  We are delighted to find some of the world’s most wanted items in fashion today from an array of designers. From the likes of Chloe, Dolce & Gabbana, Saint Laurent, Lulu Frost and Isabel Marant- Mrs Monnet certainly has her fashionista priorities straight. As for Mr. Monnet, he’s got his sights set on Cole Haan’s latest array of uber fashionable shoes, to be accompanied by a Ted Baker London bag and that beautiful Angeleno watch.

After running into some obstacles in Paris the last year, Mr. and Mrs Monnet moved to Hong Kong and soon launched in Asia in order to expand their Asian readership. Now, interacting in both Chinese and English on a daily basis, they have acquired masses of followers on some of the world’s top social media platforms like Weibo, Twitter @MrandMrsMonnet, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Youku. 
No small wonder that is not only inspiring men and women equally, but is steadily becoming a worldwide reference for fashionable couples all over the world.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Fashion Blog Review:

Like a shooting star hailing from Amsterdam, Negin Mirsalehi went on from becoming a revolutionary fashion blogger in no time, to running a global media brand in less than a year. Negin’s blog is nothing short of captivatingly stylish, and covers her fashion related treasure trove as set in the heart of Amsterdam and beyond. Negin describes her own style in her own words, as mostly “casual chic”, and judging from her images, it is indeed hard to disagree. Her looks are quite casual, yet always maintains that special touch of elegance that makes for outfits that are outstanding and unique. Negin admits to changing her style from time to time- “Well, I guess every each of us does it”, she said. Such a diversity definitely deserves high appraisal. And what inspires her? “There are so many things that inspire me. It’s really differs: daily habits, beautiful pictures on Instagram, interesting people I get to meet, traveling around the world, and classic style icons.”

With a huge following on Facebook and twitter, she’s not ashamed to say it either. “I sometimes still can’t believe that some photos get 30.000 likes or more. One photo even got 45.000 likes!” With that said, you know it’s super easy to keep up with all the latest from Negin on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest

Do yourself a favour and browse through the gallery in her blog to feast your eyes on the delightful looks of Negin Mirsalehi and enjoy her perfectly casual chic style.