Friday, June 12, 2015

A Blog We Love: MrandMrsMonnet is all about the life of a young couple impassioned by fashion, luxury and their global travels. The fabulous idea for a fashion was born in 2013 when Mr. Monnet and Mrs Monnet decided to share their combined travel experiences, lifestyle and passions with the rest of world. This after two years of working as a financial consultant for the government and her, finishing her International MBA in Beijing. 

Mr and Mrs Monnet’s style can be described as very contemporary and stylish, encapsulating the very essence of fashion in terms of a paradise beach feel. Sexy, arty, and unmistakably modern – Mr. and Monnet’s sense of style is more than noteworthy.  We are delighted to find some of the world’s most wanted items in fashion today from an array of designers. From the likes of Chloe, Dolce & Gabbana, Saint Laurent, Lulu Frost and Isabel Marant- Mrs Monnet certainly has her fashionista priorities straight. As for Mr. Monnet, he’s got his sights set on Cole Haan’s latest array of uber fashionable shoes, to be accompanied by a Ted Baker London bag and that beautiful Angeleno watch.

After running into some obstacles in Paris the last year, Mr. and Mrs Monnet moved to Hong Kong and soon launched in Asia in order to expand their Asian readership. Now, interacting in both Chinese and English on a daily basis, they have acquired masses of followers on some of the world’s top social media platforms like Weibo, Twitter @MrandMrsMonnet, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Youku. 
No small wonder that is not only inspiring men and women equally, but is steadily becoming a worldwide reference for fashionable couples all over the world.

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