Thursday, June 11, 2015

Fashion Blog Review:

Like a shooting star hailing from Amsterdam, Negin Mirsalehi went on from becoming a revolutionary fashion blogger in no time, to running a global media brand in less than a year. Negin’s blog is nothing short of captivatingly stylish, and covers her fashion related treasure trove as set in the heart of Amsterdam and beyond. Negin describes her own style in her own words, as mostly “casual chic”, and judging from her images, it is indeed hard to disagree. Her looks are quite casual, yet always maintains that special touch of elegance that makes for outfits that are outstanding and unique. Negin admits to changing her style from time to time- “Well, I guess every each of us does it”, she said. Such a diversity definitely deserves high appraisal. And what inspires her? “There are so many things that inspire me. It’s really differs: daily habits, beautiful pictures on Instagram, interesting people I get to meet, traveling around the world, and classic style icons.”

With a huge following on Facebook and twitter, she’s not ashamed to say it either. “I sometimes still can’t believe that some photos get 30.000 likes or more. One photo even got 45.000 likes!” With that said, you know it’s super easy to keep up with all the latest from Negin on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest

Do yourself a favour and browse through the gallery in her blog to feast your eyes on the delightful looks of Negin Mirsalehi and enjoy her perfectly casual chic style.

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