Wednesday, June 17, 2015

5 Bikini trends for this summer

What's the top Bikini trends for this summer? According to the best sources in fashion, it inevitably involves detailing on the derriere. Whether you're built like Kim Kardashian or just wanting to look that way, tactical ruching and subtle stitch detailing can add that extra oomph to what you already have and create an illusion of what you don't have, says the number one Bootylicious Bottom Line Bikini trend! The next one to look out and break out your passport for, is the World Safari bikini trend. Yes, the tribe has definitely spoken with an array of top designers having already featured all kinds of hot ethnic looks to the likes of Native American, Aboriginal Australian, Moroccan and especially African infusions. Otherwise put, the World Safari bikini trend holds exotic sex appeal for all citizens of the world, plus that added fun sense of adventure.

Now if you literally want to outshine all the rest of the bikini trends for this summer, then Sparkle might be the trend to follow. This season, why not give them the old razzle dazzle by adding a little bling- bling in the form of beads, studs, rhinestones, sequins, and any other kinds of enhancement that adds splash to a swimsuit. Whether you're a Jersey Shore fan or a Las Vegas showgirl, you can be sure that there's a sparkly, show stopping bikini trend for you this summer. Next on the list is the unmistakable Gold Standard bikini trend, with glamorous metallic-like, glossy high-tech fabrics, that makes for a luxurious trend worth mining all through this summer. This season's most gorgeous bikinis are dripping in gold, bronze and copper, giving every beachgoer the Midas touch. Finally, bikini trends are held together this season with prominent metal buckles, buttons and rings that add a luxurious, jewellery-like accent to sleek designs. Why not trade your software with hardware this summer, ey?

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