Saturday, June 6, 2015

Top 10 most fashionable female celebrities

And the winners of the FashionFarb Top 10 most fashionable female celebrities of 2015 are as follow. 

In the first place is pop and fashion diva Beyonc√©, gracing the worldwide fashion scene with the likes of Givenchy dresses and Lorraine Schwartz jewellery. 

Queen Rihanna takes the second place while promoting Guo Pei and Christian Louboutin. Taking fashion queue from any one of these soul sisters is certainly a good way to go this year. 

South African born Hollywood actress Charlize Theron takes our third place for her sheer style and grace. 

In hot pursuit in her hot heels, in the fourth place is Kate Blanchett with her timeless and consistent trendsetting qualities. 

Then, there is of course, the most fashionable First Lady: Michelle Obama must undeniably take her spot on this list. Be it her biceps or her show-stopping dresses, watching Michelle work it in the White House is all the more reason to rock white, red and blue in this year of 2015.

In the sixth place on our list of Top 10 most fashionable celebrities, can be no other than miss trendsetter herself Taylor Swift, for Taylor only prances around in some of the world’s top designer outfits. 

Next, we’ve decided to throw Sienna Miller, with her uniquely contemporary and always fashionable style, into the mix at number seven. 

As the daughter of rock god and sex symbol Lenny Kravitz would have it, Zoe Kravitz makes this list in the number 8 spot for many reasons other than promoting Alexander Wang dresses. 

Lest we mention in the remaining slots, the crowns are destined for one called the uber fashionable Kim Kardashian, with the likes of her particular Roberto Cavali creations- all the more gracing 2015 red carpets. 

Last but certainly not least, fashion diva/footballer’s wife Victoria Beckham must remain on this list of Top 10 most fashionable celebrities, for making this list AND staying on top of fashion is one thing. Go Becks.

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