Wednesday, June 3, 2015

5 Reasons We Love Kenza Zouiten

You may have noticed it but FasionFarb is slowly but surely turning into a blog that gives you the highlights from the thousands of fashion blogs and retailers on the web to give you the best reads. Not surprisingly then that we landed on the blog of the beautiful Kenza Zouiten. This Swedish model can do it all! She started her blog when she was just 15 years old and has rapidly grown to be a model, designer and a tv host. Her blog is in one word awesome. Let me give you 5 reasons why Kenza Zouiten should be in your browser's reading list.

Kenza Zouiten with a pair of stunning shades!

1. Did I mention she's a model... 

She know's how to pose for a picture. Combine this with her fantastic outfits, mostly high end fashion labels and stunning photography and you have an ocean of inspiration in front of you.

 2. The photos 

The images on Kenza's blog are clean and crisp. She uses a professional photographer to shoot her on any occasion. We love that she highlights the details of her outfits so that you can get some real inspiration out of it.

 3. Shopping! 

Kenza's blogs features an amazing shopping guide that gives you full details on where she got her outfits. And trust me when I say this,'you wanna know'.

 4. She has won awards 

Kenza Zouiten has won 19 awards with her blog under which: Fashion blog of the year 2015!

 5. Much more than a Fashion Blog 

Kenza also writes and gives us amazing photos (see her instagram feed) of all her trips. She travels like a rockstar visiting places ranging from high end hotels to amazing beaches.

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