Saturday, May 30, 2015

Our top 5 fashion blogs for this summer

I love to read fashion blogs. I can honestly say that it's an addiction for which there seems to be no cure. With summer approaching rapidly I've been keeping an eye out for those fashion blogs that capture the fashion trends for the coming months. My personal favourite tool to keep track of it all is or For those of you not familiar, these services bring the best of the web in one cool dashboard view featuring all your favourite blog posts. And you can select whatever categorie you want.
So here we go. These are my top 5 blogs that I recommend you to read to get the summer spirit going!

Keiko (pronounce cake-oh) writes about her daily fashion inspirations in Brooklyn New York. 

Her blog comes with a shopping guide that shows you nice images of cool stuff in one view. 
She writes about fashion, lifestyle, travel, make up and much more.

I LOVE Gabi's dress style. It's very unique and yet super casual. I'm not sure who does the photography for her blog but he/she definitely deserves a lot of credit. Her photo's would not be out of place in some of the big fashion mags. 
What I like is that Gabi isn't shy to show her curves in front of the camera wearing some extremely cool outfits. 
She also has a nice selection of shops that is nice to browse through. GO CHECK IT OUT!

As a fashion blogger it's important to always keep an open mind when it comes to trends, styles, new collections and designers. That's why I love to browse through Tokyo Fashion every once in a while. 
Tokyo Fashion's editors hunt the streets for these little gems of fashion that seem to appear on every street corner of central Tokyo. 
Keep it going guys!

Lovemaegan is the fashion blog that has it all. Great photography, in depth features about new designer labels, beauty, DIY, Home & Decor, food and even Infertility. 
Her blog is written in a very down to earth style combined with the right images and captions. 
The latest article on Casual Summer Style shows that she has a great taste in fashion.

Jules is what you may call an internet rockstar. She has a whopping 2.2 m followers on Instagram! People love seeing what she wears on a daily base, and not without reason. 
Her sense of style is what designers base their latest collections on. She represents the avant garde for the main stream. Her blog is well organised, has beautiful clean photography and she does travel stories too. We want more Jules!!

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